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Use all of Drupal’s content management features to build your PDPs, PLPs, and inbound landing pages.

Use all of Drupal’s content management features to build your PDPs, PLPs, and inbound landing pages.

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Merchandise Like Pros

Use all of Drupal’s content management features to build your PDPs, PLPs, and inbound landing pages. These include layout building, WYSIWYG, and media library tools that integrate services like Acquia DAM to incorporate approved assets and details into your product catalog. Drupal Commerce’s pricing and promotion systems pair with Acquia’s personalization tools to help you show the right product to the right customer at the right price every time.

Compose the Perfect Feature Set

Drupal Commerce provides the essentials in its core framework and lets you choose from hundreds of supported modules to extend the feature set as needed. Its modular, open source architecture enables composable commerce like no other platform can.

  • Sell products with unlimited variations and attributes out of the box, or add modules to support bundles, memberships, digital goods, and more.
  • Use Drupal’s SEO and UGC features to grow and engage your D2C audience, or sell B2B with modules that add quoting, invoicing, and group purchasing … or do both at once!
  • Turn anyone into a repeat customer via email marketing and integrations, or automate it through the platform’s recurring billing ecosystem.
  • Go international with support for multiple domains, 100+ payment gateway integrations, and global shipping and tax calculation services.
  • Define literally any number of price lists, coupons, customer roles, and checkout + order workflows to segment and serve your customer base.
  • Need a bit more out of the front-end? Use Drupal Commerce REST APIs to go partially or fully “headless” using your JavaScript framework of choice.
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Open Source, Delivered Expertly

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Built from the ground up to support best practices Drupal development, Acquia Cloud offers a perfect environment for your Drupal Commerce store. Go even further with Cloud IDE, equipping every member of your team with a development environment with the click of a button.

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Centarro, the Drupal Commerce maintainers, are active in community support channels and available for direct consulting on your project architecture, systems integration, data migration, and performance.

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Together, Acquia and Centarro have scaled Drupal Commerce merchants to thousands of orders per hour and hundreds of millions in revenue per year. Engage us together to apply our expertise to your next project.

Start building today!

Take a self-guided tour in the demo store or install it on your own machine via Commerce Kickstart to explore the full admin interface. Looking for a personalized tour? Contact Centarro to see how Drupal Commerce might work for you and to learn how to increase your store’s performance through Acquia’s product ecosystem.

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