Drupal Responsive Design

Learn about Drupal Responsive Design with the Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is the most advanced version of Drupal to date, with exciting improvements in areas such as responsive web design. Drupal responsive design makes it possible for digital sites to be optimized for any device, regardless of screen size. Drupal responsive design guarantees that your sites will be responsive on any device.

Drupal 8 has been designed with mobile-first in mind, so that creating responsive sites is even easier than ever. Mobile improvements in Drupal 8 consist of:

  • Responsive themes, images, and tables
  • Mobile-friendly toolbar
  • Built-in support for images that show up large on a desktop condense to fit on a much smaller screen
  • Mobile-optimized features work on any screen
  • Front end performance

Read the Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 to learn even more about the important mobile-first improvements in Drupal 8.