Catch up on-demand: Acquia's Summer Sessions - Prioritise your DXP in a downturn

Businesses need to lean into the challenges of an economic downturn. It can be an opportunity for well-prepared digital teams to wow customers and gain market share. But only if we’re aware of and find solutions to potential problems.

This webinar series will help your organisation prepare for the future by taking lessons from previous downturns. We discuss why you should continue to invest in your Digital Experience for a quicker response to chance, faster time to market, and insight driven customer focused responses to changing priorities.

Session One: Invest in your Customer Digital Experience: Lessons Learned from Past Recessions?

  • Why continuing to invest in your DXP during a downturn yields better long-term results and helps you survive
  • The importance of understanding your customers’ constantly changing priorities
  • Three ways to make the most of your content - how to adapt your content strategy in an economic downturn


Session Two: How Web Teams Can Respond to Changing Online Consumer Behaviour

  • Key data trends we’re likely to see in online behaviour over the next months and what these may mean for your website team.
  • Tactical and practical strategies you can implement to ensure you’re achieving a faster response to change, faster time to market, and insight-driven customer-focused web pages.
  • Why you should look at tools to optimise Dev time and create a more efficient process.


Session Three: 3 Steps to Grow Your Customer Base During a Downturn 

  • What parts of a DXP are the most important to invest in now?
  • What is a 1st-party data strategy, and how can I get started?
  • Why you should prioritise understanding the sentiment of your customers and how to use this to drive revenue