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Acquia and Squadra

With our Martech studio, Just Digital, we were Acquia's first partner in Brazil, specializing in Drupal and Acquia.

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Global Impact

We’ve offered a complete solution for over 10 years, focusing on personalized experiences for security, high performance, and scalability for multi-brand and multi-product companies across several countries and demanding scale and governance of digital assets

The First LATAM Partner to Achieve Drupal Certification

Rafael Cichini, founder of Just Digital and currently a shareholder of SQUADRA, was one of the founders of the Drupal Brazil Association (DBA) and presided over it for 4 years. He was responsible for fostering the platform's developer community in Brazil.

We are proud to have achieved important milestones throughout this partnership, having today:

  • One of the largest certified LATAM teams
  • Highest number of Acquia projects in LATAM
  • Most Drupal and Acquia sites in LATAM.


Ambev | ABInBev Case Study

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Stand Out

Offer Better Digital Experiences for Your Customers

More than a CMS, we are prepared to work on projects with a high concentration of content and high traffic. With a complete digital solution of Drupal and Acquia, we empower your business to create a relevant and personalized experience for your customers and increase your results. All of this with an open source digital experience platform (DXP), which ensures agile development, application integration, data analysis, and easy and scalable content management.


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Save Time and Money

even with unpredictable traffic demands, your Drupal site continues to perform well and deliver seamless experiences on different devices

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Cost Reduction

no technical team of developers is required to create sites and ensure digital security

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Performance Guarantee and Positive Experience

even with unpredictable traffic demands, your Drupal site continues to perform well and deliver seamless experiences on different devices

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Speed in Creating New Sites

your marketing and non-technical teams can easily launch a new site or content in just a few weeks

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Better Digital Asset Governance

manage all brand sites in one place with customization flexibility, while maintaining consistent navigation and aesthetics

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Security and Digital Compliance Guarantee

with our cloud platform, everything is at hand and with specialized 24x7 support

Specialities and Solutions

Cloud Platform Logo

Acquia Cloud Platform

Specialized hosting for Drupal projects

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Site Factory Logo

Acquia Site Factory

Scale and governance for all your sites

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Acquia CMS Add On Logo

Acquia CMS

  • Paired with Site Studio: Give your business teams the power to create and edit sites easily
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  • Paired with Personalization: Deliver what your user really expects
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Acquia Campaign Studio Add On Logo

Acquia Campaign Studio

Create and automate campaigns and keep the conversation with your customer

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  • Paired with Campaign Factory: Scale your campaigns by managing multiple instances for each brand
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Acquia CDP Logo

Acquia CDP

Monitor, understand, and engage your customer throughout their journey

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Acquia Dam Logo

Acquia DAM

Ensure consistency by managing and reusing your assets

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The Squadra Digital

SQUADRA was born with the goal of unlocking the full digital potential of major brands. We are among the largest digital consulting companies, delivering high impact from Brazil to the world. With an eye to the future and innovation running through our veins, since 2019 we have been investing in B2B solutions that support our clients' digital journey. In 2020, SQUADRA acquired Just Digital, which is now the Martech studio of our company with a team of experts in Drupal and Acquia.


Main Business Segments

  • Insurance
  • Banking & Payments
  • Health & Life Science
  • Consumer Brands
  • Utilities & Telecom
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Media & Publishing
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  • 2017 - Site of The Year 2017 (Editora Abril)
  • 2019 - Growth Partner of The Year - Latam 
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  • 2020 - Acquia Preferred Partner 
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  • 2021 - Acquia Partner of the Year – Latin America 
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  • 2022 - Certified Drupal Cloud Practice 
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  • 2022 - Engage Awards for Excellence Latam (AbInbev)

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