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The Need for Integrated Customer Experience Management

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A funny thing happened on the way to the customer experience revolution. For nearly a decade, brands, vendors, and service providers alike have sworn allegiance to the goal of improving customer experiences in order to attract and retain increasingly empowered and fickle consumers.

Crafting the Customer Experience

And yet, three major international surveys recently found that consumers are less satisfied with the experiences they are offered.

We believe this situation exposes the limitations of first-generation customer CEM, in which experiences are conceived of as isolated, disconnected environments that are created and offered for consumption, with little regard for how (or if) they fit together.

In contrast, finally making progress with CEM and beginning to keep up with consumers’ rapidly evolving expectations requires that brands, service providers, and vendors alike understand experience from the customer’s perspective, namely as a totality – an integrated system of interrelated and interdependent elements that constitute the customer’s overall perception of the company or brand.

This holistic perspective on CEM demands a fundamentally different approach to how companies understand, design, create, deliver, and support customer experiences. This report explores the massive opportunity this shift represents for service providers that have the skills, vision, and dedication to partner with clients in creating and nurturing these integrated experiences.


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