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The need for quality, personalized content has evolved the way different business units operate within an organization by creating huge content demands. It doesn’t matter if you’re in marketing, human resources or IT; every department, every division has its own content and specific requirements for how that content is produced and delivered.

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The larger and more complex the organization, the more siloed content and knowledge becomes– making it difficult to know what is available. Discovering and sharing all of this content across these various silos poses a major challenge. 

In this white paper, we'll explore how Acquia Lift was developed with a core content hub component in response to customer demand for a cure to the pain of aggregating and sharing organizational content across many departments, teams and content sources.

Acquia Lift is a cloud-based solution that merges content and customer data from all sources into a single solution; making it easier for organizations to manage and deliver the most cohesive experiences across multiple channels and devices.

Read on to learn more about Acquia Lift's ability to target audiences in real-time, enabling marketers to scale their web personalization efforts to drive conversions and bottom-line results throughout the customer journey.

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