How to Create a Drupal 8 Theme Using Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the most popular digital (HTML, CSS and JS) frameworks used today. Because it makes front-end web development faster for any device and for projects of all sizes, many of the responsive mobile first applications you interact with daily were built on Bootstrap.

Join this tech talk to learn how to create a Bootstrap theme for Drupal 8.

We'll go through the process of creating a Bootstrap subtheme in Drupal 8, as well as how you can customize it to suit your site's design.

The process will include:

  • Structuring your sub-theme files
  • Figuring out your mobile-first strategy
  • Using Compass to compile CSS from SCSS
  • Overriding Bootstrap variables & custom variables
  • Twig template file customization
  • Bootstrap options for Panels, Views, Display Suite

Watch our webinar on using Bootstrap

occurred on

Thursday, May 4, 2017 EST


8:58 PM



Dave Myburgh

Dave Myburgh

Senior Engineer Acquia

Dave has been involved with computers since before the web existed and 10Mhz CPUs were considered fast. He studied to become a molecular biologist, but discovered he liked working with computers more than bacteria. He had his own computer business in South Africa doing tech support and sales, with the occasional website thrown in for good measure. Since moving to Montreal in 2001, he got sucked into the Drupal world after doing a 4.7 site for a friend's historical society and hasn't looked back since. He loves working from home (because he really hates traffic) and spends his free time with his two boys.