COVID-19 Panel 1: Observations and Advice from Acquia & Our Partners

Acquia has been driving the vision, value, and importance of digital experience for a while now, but none of us could have anticipated how urgent and essential it would become in the face of something like COVID-19. Businesses around the globe and across nearly every industry have had to close their physical doors and find ways to open new digital ones to their customers. Some were prepared. Most were not. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, Acquia is here to help, and we’re bringing the village.

Watch Acquia Chief Marketing Officer, Lynne Capozzi, as she leads two panels with several of our most experienced and trusted partners. These partners bring deep expertise and leadership in technology, strategy, marketing, and operations, and they’ll share how they are helping brands across industries and regions leverage digital experiences to adapt to this “new reality” of COVID-19 -- plus how their own businesses have been impacted.

This panel will feature:

EPAM Systems Inc.
Barbarian Group

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Steven Moy, CEO, Barbarian Group
Steven Moy, CEO, Barbarian Group
Ken Fang, CEO, Mobomo
Ken Fang, CEO, Mobomo
Jim Bowes, CEO, Manifesto
Jim Bowes, CEO, Manifesto
Elaina Shekhter, CMO, EPAM
Elaina Shekhter, CMO, EPAM Systems Inc.
Lynne Capozzi
Lynne Capozzi, Chief Marketing Officer, Acquia

occurred on

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


10:30 AM EDT