Forrester Now Tech: Agile Content Management Systems (CMS) Report, Q2 2022

What's Covered?

What's Covered

Three valuable capabilities the report suggests an agile CMS should provide, including:

  • Engage customers with both traditional and headless digital experiences
  • Support the upstream creative process through integration with a DAM for better workflows, governance, and automation
  • Build a foundation for personalization that scales as a core part of a digital experience platform (DXP)
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In the B2C world, marketers are hard pressed to select the perfect tools from an expansive market. Once upon a time, a content management system didn’t need to deploy content to many places. Now, consumers expect content in a myriad of places: SMS, in-app, push notifications, voice, you name it!

Does your CMS meet these modern demands for content? 

Forrester’s Q2 2022 Now Tech: Agile Content Management Systems report shows what an agile CMS provides to deploy content where consumers want it. It details all the above mentioned points that define an agile CMS and goes on to list some key considerations when you’re thinking about investing in an agile CMS. 

Download this report to get a glimpse of Forrester’s overview of 31 agile CMS providers.