Simplifying Drupal Website Personalization: A Guide for IT & Marketing

Applying Personalization to Drupal Websites Just Became Much Easier

Up to now, website personalization tools have been designed to make the marketer's job incrementally easier. But the drain on a Drupal developer's time and resources to implement and maintain them can be substantial.

Our new e-book discusses how you can personalize your Drupal website, and why this is now easier than ever — both for marketers and IT developers.

Inside, you’ll find out how to:

  • Leverage Drupal's built-in taxonomy function to help automatically classify website content
  • Implement pages that load faster – without the dreaded "flash of general content"
  • Collect and activate customer data to continually enhance the customer experience


Download your copy of "Simplifying Drupal Website Personalization: A Guide for IT & Marketing" today.

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