Ektron to Drupal Website Migrations: A Guide

In January of 2015, Accell-KKR, a private equity firm, combined Ektron and the Swedish company Episerver into a single company and CMS platform.

Migrating the Drupal way. Part II: saving those old URLs

Between the high cost of an Episerver license upgrade and the fact that the open source landscape had evolved significantly over the prior decade to the point where many enterprise organizations (from private and public corporations to government entities) had embraced Drupal and the open source community, this has caused many organizations to choose to migrate off of the Ektron platform and onto a CMS like Drupal.

As one of the top three most-used Content Management Systems across the Web, Drupal is a natural choice for many organizations based on its popularity alone.

But there are several other reasons that Drupal earns top consideration. Since you are reading this eBook, we assume you are either considering a switch from Ektron to Drupal or are perhaps already decided and looking for some further advice. Let’s briefly discuss some of the benefits of Drupal versus Ektron, or in choosing a different licensed Content Management System.

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