Taming Digital Sprawl

By adopting a digital factory model, your marketing team can achieve brand and message consistency, pool data for personalized content, and drive ROI.
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The Digital Factory Model:
What CMOs Need to Know 

Imagine how smoothly your marketing operations would run if you could completely control all of your content and media, police your brand, pool all your data, and empower your entire organization?

You’re skeptical, right? Maybe digital sprawl feels like the cost of doing business, or maybe it’s tolerable while you wait for a silver bullet – that elusive next big thing?

But there you are, treading water right now while:

  • Your marketing assets are in Dropboxes, hard drives, and Google drives.
  • Your messaging is all over the place.
  • You have rogue websites.
  • You spend money on redundant software and services.
  • Your quality and consistency suffer.
  • Your return on investment is dismal.

The secret to taming digital sprawl is adopting a digital factory model to:

  • Maximize working dollars.
  • Serve as watchdogs for brand management and consistency.
  • Use data to enhance the personalized customer journeys.
  • Drive profitable growth.

Digital sprawl is an expansive problem, but adopting our step-by-step process lets you regain control.

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