Speed to Real: Building Digital Experiences in the Open Cloud

Catching and holding a user’s time and attention means adopting a new approach to digital customer experiences.
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Speed. It is the key to winning with digital, the basis of any effective and compelling customer experience. The ability to create experiences and bring them to market quickly and easily is only part of the equation – having a hypothesis, testing, learning, and adapting on a continual basis across all CX touch points is also now imperative.

Building DX in the Open Cloud

Today, the battle for customer engagement is a battle for their limited time and attention. While we all may convince ourselves that we can “multitask” and absorb multiple media simultaneously … a tablet in one hand, a smartphone in the other, Netflix on the television, and a podcast in the headphones…. the challenge in digital experience delivery is gaining the attention of a fickle world, one that is always a click away from the next piece of clickbait.

Catching and holding a user’s time and attention means adopting an approach to digital CX that upends the lessons of the two first decades of the consumer Internet.

This ebook details DigitasLBi and Acquia’s approach to helping clients address the new challenges of delivering customer experiences that make a difference by moving at unparalleled speeds.

We call this approach “Speed to Real” and it’s how we help our clients turn a challenge into an opportunity and that opportunity into reality. This happens at near real-time speeds while embedding lessons and learnings into a cycle of continuous optimization.