The Quicksand, The Labyrinth and The Hydra: Overcoming Your Top 3 Digital Transformation Challenges

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With most customer interactions today being primarily digital, nearly three quarters of companies report that they are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives. 

But customers don't just want instant access and convenience from digital devices. They have high expectations from brands, and unfortunately, delivering on the experience component of digital transformation is complicated.

The three biggest challenges standing in the way of many brands' digital transformation are:

  • The inescapable trap of quicksand, leaving marketing and IT teams feeling incapable of catching up with content and digital experience creation
  • The complicated and confusing labyrinth customers find themselves lost in when the customer journey is riddled with inconsistent messages and unclear paths
  • The Herculean task of battling the hydra and reining in rogue digital initiatives across multiple products and geographies, while still allowing local flexibility with global governance, security and compliance

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