The Power of Decoupled Drupal: More Than Just Websites

Content is changing and so is the way we deliver and manage it. This e-book provides thoughtful analysis of when Decoupled Drupal is the right option.
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The need for brands to deliver content that meets consumer expectations across a wide array of devices and touchpoints has created much excitement and many practical reasons to deploy decoupled content management systems.

Decoupled architectures enable teams to optimize their ecosystems by using the best front-end tools for the job and have many advantages. However, there are tradeoffs that should be properly understood before embarking on a decoupled strategy. 

In this e-book, developed jointly with our partner, Third and Grove, we cover:

  • Characteristics of a modern CMS
  • The Drupal of tomorrow
  • Different ways to decouple Drupal
  • Advantages of decoupling
  • What to consider before decoupling
  • Real-world examples of Drupal in a decoupled mode

Readers will come away with a solid understanding of the versatility and power of Decoupled Drupal so they can determine the best option for their organization.