The Modern Customer Journey: Converting Browsers into Buyers

The Modern Customer Journey: Converting Browsers into Buyers
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The shopping journey of today’s modern consumer has changed dramatically since the early days of retail, when channels were fewer and the journey much less complex. Consumers today have far more options for every step of the journey, from initial product research to content consumption and final purchase.

The Modern Customer Journey

Complicate these options with the distractions consumers face at every turn, and it’s a wonder transactions are ever made. To be effective as a retailer, it’s paramount to understand how a consumer browses and buys in today’s market, and then to use data to make decisions and drive personalized experiences tailored to each and every consumer.

With the rise of fauxsumerism—the idea of consumers browsing products and engaging with brands without intent to purchase—brands are under even more pressure to find ways to make a shopper convert.

Let’s explore the modern shopping journey and how to make the most of today’s consumers— and fauxsumers.