Media & Entertainment: Managing CX Through Uncertainty

The challenges a global pandemic presents to media, entertainment and publishing.
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Meeting Customer Expectations in Uncertain Times

Even before COVID-19 was the focus of everyday life, MEP companies were working to make the most of the opportunities digital transformation presented. But today, the industry is uniquely tasked with helping
customers around the world connect with both vital information and much-needed diversion. Rising to the occasion has never been more challenging–or more important.

Our newly updated eBook provides a helpful overview of the impacts of the pandemic on the MEP industry, as well as the trends, challenges and opportunities that predated this unprecedented situation.

Learn what our experts have to say about:

  • How changing consumption patterns are redefining the industry.
  • The impacts of shifting business models.
  • How disconnected platforms are increasing complexity
  • The value of delivering the right content on the right channel at the right time

And much more…

You’ll find much more important information in the full eBook. Download your free copy now, and learn how Acquia can help deliver the experiences this extraordinary moment demands.