Industry Rundown: Insurance

Using a unified view of your customer for smarter personalization
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The insurance industry was in a state of constant change before 2020. Since the pandemic, that change has accelerated, along with the need for digital transformation. But it’s not just digital. Customer expectations are shifting, and traditional insurance business models may not be as relevant as they once were. 

As a result, we’re seeing more insurance mainstays acquiring or merging with startups or developing more robust InsurTech programs. The result will reach more customers, but create data silos that prevent companies from understanding their customers on an individual level. 

That’s why a unified customer view is so important. To identify your best customers and your most promising prospects, you have to do more than capture data: you have to break down silos, get a holistic view of your data, and generate rich, actionable insights to get the results you want. 

In our latest eBook, we’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Insurance world in 2021. Get a comprehensive view of the landscape and see how data is making its presence felt. You’ll learn: 

  • What experts are saying regarding the need for investment in digital properties and data management
  • How to navigate the push-and-pull between legacy insurance models and emerging technologies
  • How to execute a data-driven marketing strategy that focuses on the right information, and a more unified view of your customer
  • Ways consumer behavior has shifted over the last few years, as well as during the pandemic
  • Methods for defining your audience, identifying your best customers and using data to make 1-to-1 connections