Identity Resolution 101: What It Is and Why You Need It

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Customer journeys continue to become increasingly complicated. People move between different channels, devices and store locations. An individual customer generates data through multiple interactions that include events, call centers, retail locations, the company website, email, mobile apps and social channels. Brands struggle to weave all this data together into a reliable, comprehensive and unique customer profile. 

To solve this problem, brands invest in a variety of tools, particularly customer data platforms (CDPs). Unfortunately, not all CDPs are created equal when it comes to connecting the dots across these continuously growing data sets. And when you can’t connect the dots – between web visits and in-store visits, for example – you can’t create, maintain or use accurate customer profiles. 

Identity resolution (IR) makes it easier to connect those dots and create more accurate customer data. It allows you to link every web and email interaction, contact center chat, in-store purchase and app download to a unique individual. 

Download our Identity Resolution 101 e-book to see: 

  • How identity resolution works: from deduping to linking a device to an individual 
  • What IR does to validate and enhance your data
  • Uses and benefits of identity resolution: from ad retargeting to customer support calls
  • What to look for when choosing a customer data platform

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