Github 101 for Government

Learn what the public can see and do with things you put in Github, what Drupal code should be in a public repo, and the ins and outs of organizations, permissions and workflows.
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Your government agency is new to Drupal or open source and you’re finding that one of the many benefits is the ability to share code and collaborate on projects with others.

Github 101 for Government

Using tools and technologies such as the GitHub social coding platform, you can collaborate with a community of developers from every sector around the world on contributed code to help foster greater innovation and faster delivery of solutions and services.

GitHub also provides tools that can help prevent poor quality or even malicious code from being introduced into your project.

The new GitHub 101 ebook provides a non-technical crash course to help agencies understand how to get started with GitHub and other important information including:

  • What the public can see and do with things you put on GitHub
  • What Drupal code should (not) be included in a public repo
  • The ins and outs of organizations, users and permissions, and workflows