Creating Patient-Centric Digital Experiences in Regulated Environments

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Caring for ourselves and those we love is a responsibility that’s taken extremely seriously at Community Health Network (CHN), Central Indiana’s leading provider of convenient access to exceptional healthcare services. 

CHN recognized the unfortunate reality that, too often, the healthcare experience can be an impersonal one. They understood that delivering dynamic, informative and relevant content at the right time is an effective way for a healthcare organization to prove it truly knows and values a patient.

CHN chose Acquia Personalization to help them navigate the challenges of a highly regulated industry and deliver more productive and personalized digital interactions, all while maintaining the highest privacy standards. 

In Personalization, Acquia’s Drupal-based personalization tool, CHN immediately recognized the robust solution that could do the job.

Learn how CHN’s partnership with Acquia successfully addressed:

  1. The challenges posed by federal HIPAA legislation.
  2. Honoring the trust that patients place in their healthcare providers.
  3. Providing productive digital interactions without collecting personally identifiable information.
  4. Maintaining the unique identities of the individual communities CHN serves.

Download our e-book to read the full CHN story, and learn how Acquia can help you meet today’s patient expectations in the healthcare sector.


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