Creating Customer Experiences in the Retail Sector

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Rapidly evolving technology, increased customer expectations, burgeoning data availability and many other factors are making the retail industry more competitive than ever before. 

Today’s tech-savvy customer expects a retailer to deliver the relevant, personalized experiences they’re accustomed to receiving across the modern digital landscape. The ability to meet those expectations will be key to the success of any retail organization.

While technology has created challenges for the retail sector, Acquia’s innovation and strategy can help you catch up, and keep pace with today’s shopper.

Acquia’s digital experience platform combines the state-of-the-art open source content management system of Drupal with enterprise marketing tools for personalization and omnichannel customer journey mapping.

Learn what our experts have to say about:

  1. Keeping up with changing shopping patterns.
  2. Increasing customer acquisition and retention.
  3. Scaling or refining approaches as consumer and business needs shift.
  4. Working across teams to enable consumers to shop how they want.
  5. Leveraging data to drive efficiency and uptime and limit risk.

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