Consumer Products Industry Rundown

Using a unified view of your customer for smarter personalization.
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The consumer landscape was changing well before 2020. In-store purchases were dropping, online was increasing and supply chains were seeing disruption across the board. The pandemic only served to accelerate these changes, making 2021 an incredibly important year for making better connections with customers. 

As new businesses continue to develop and existing players work to stay relevant in turbulent times, it’s time to increase your flexibility and embrace emerging digital opportunities. When complexity and cost get in the way, this can be even more challenging. 

That means it’s time to simplify. As the barriers between businesses and their consumers continue to break down, it’s essential to get an accurate, unified view of your customer. Employ a data-driven strategy with machine learning at its core, and use your insights to make more personal, 1-to-1 connections with your best customers. 

In this eBook, we’ll show you how a unified view of your customer helps you: 

  • Personalize your interactions to make richer, longer-lasting connections
  • Understand your customers and reach them where they are
  • Use data-driven marketing with empathy at its core
  • Find your highest-value customers and maximize their impact
  • Get more from your marketing spend and promotional offers
  • Navigate data management across new ecosystems