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Acquia Engage Award 2016 Winner

Princess Cruises

Partner: Lingotek

The Challenge

Princess Cruises wanted to fundamentally change the way their guests accessed information onboard their ships. As mobile devices are such an integral part of guest's daily lives before they board our ships, it only made sense to extend and transform the Princess experience with Princess@Sea. Princess’ challenge was to build a ship specific version of Princess@Sea onboard each of their 17 ships while at sea all over the world.

The Approach

Princess selected Drupal to quickly develop any new features through both Drupal flexible API, in addition to leveraging the Drupal community's wealth of contributed modules. Content is managed from a central Princess@Sea Drupal site and is then migrated out to 17 unique Drupal sites onboard our ships at sea. Onboard each of the ships there are additional content providers that add and monitor content.

Drupal has allowed Princess@Sea to stretch onboard content beyond the passenger facing site. By using Drupal as a service layer, Princess can feed content to digital signage onboard the ship, the guest stateroom tv, the daily printed newsletter onboard the ships and more.

The Results

With Acquia, Princess@Sea allows guests to send messages to each other, plan their day's events, activities, and shore excursions, review the ship's itinerary and port guides, browse restaurant menus, and even access their stateroom accounts and book shore excursions all from the palm of their hand.

Princess has witnessed a 71 percent penetration with 32 percent of guests registering for Princess@Sea accounts Princess@Sea can provide English and multilingual content that auto-populates our onboard newsletter for printing onboard our ships in various languages, cutting down on time manually entering content and manually translating content.

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