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Kyocera had received customer feedback that the Corporate Electronic Components Group website lacked product-related information and site structure was difficult to understand. 


The company sought to improve the customer experience with a global website where the customer would be looking for and accessing information about electronic components, as well as choosing components for purchase.

Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform


The refreshed website has garnered an increase in pages viewed per person, a reduction in the site's bounce rate, and a 1.5x increase in web access from overseas.

The Client  

Kyocera Corporation, headquartered in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, fine ceramic components, semiconductor components, information equipment, communications equipment, solar cells, ceramics, jewelry, and medical products.

The Corporate Electronic Components Group, whose website has been renewed, is a business unit that integrated Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation (formerly Kyocera KINSEKI Corporation), which handles crystal components, Kyocera Connector Products Corporation (formerly Kyocera ELCO Corporation), which handles connector products, The Corporate Functional Devices Group (formerly Nihon Inter Electronics  Corporation), which handles power semiconductor products, and other electronic components-related businesses in 2017.

The Situation

Prior to the website renewal, the Kyocera Electronic Components website faced many challenges.

The company had received feedback from customers that there is a lack of product-related information and that the site structure is difficult to understand. They also received many individual product-related inquiries, and it took time and effort for their sales staff to respond. And since competitor websites are well-developed in terms of content volume, functionality, and design, the company believed that there would be a lot of customer defection due to the company's website reputation.

The Challenge

Considering these challenges, the company started to consider the construction of a global website in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean) that would provide the following functions, under the goal of "building an environment where customers looking for electronic components can access information in a timely manner and choose components for purchase faster":

  • Providing product and technical information on electronic components, etc.

  • Provision of parts search function based on specifications, part number, usage, etc.

  • Receiving and responding to various customer inquiries

  • Coordination with sample purchase locations 

In particular, the emphasis was on sales conversion and the objectives included increasing the number of visitors to the site, increasing the access to product information, and strengthening the flow line for actions that lead to purchases, such as sample purchases and inquiries.

The Solution

The company compared several solutions and decided to choose Acquia Cloud Platform in January 2021. In addition to fulfilling the above objectives, they particularly evaluated the following points:

  • Ability to use the open source content management system (CMS), Drupal to maintain freshness and improve operational efficiency for all types of web-based communication

  • Compliance with GDPR and other global laws and regulations, and robust security measures to ensure safe and reliable site operations and global expansion

  • Ability to maximize the customer experience by integrating tools that maximize the user experience, such as personalization, digital asset management, marketing automation, etc.

The Results

The most significant result of the website refresh is the greater web access from overseas, which has increased approximately 1.5 times compared to before the renewal.

Additionally, the expansion of technical files and content has resulted in an increase in pages viewed per person and a reduction in the site's bounce rate. 

Kyocera will continue to add features and expand the contents of the website to make it more convenient for their customers.

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