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Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

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Partner: FFW


DocuSign transforms how people work, live and connect by solving the "paper problem," providing customers the freedom to finish business faster on the world's most trusted Digital Transaction Management (DTM) network.

DocuSign partnered with FFW on a project to replatform its primary website, DocuSign.com, corporate site, building a new, more streamlined, content management platform using Drupal 7. The team sought to alleviate a variety of pain points that were being felt by DocuSign’s web marketing team, which were symptoms of the site’s previous architecture.


FFW worked closely with DocuSign to plan and execute a replatform to bring DocuSign.com up to speed on Drupal best practices, effectively improving the site’s performance and ease-of-use for content managers. Some more specific goals for the project included:

  • Allowing a high degree of transparency to content publishers
  • Improved performance and an intuitive navigational content structure
  • Streamlining the content management workflow. This included integration with Acquia Lift for personalization capabilities, as well as creating a powerful and secure permissioning system that allows users to control access to various data groups

DocuSign is targeting content based on five different user personas, each of which represent a target audience for DocuSign: Customer, Prospect, Partner, Job Seeker, and Developer. By using Acquia Lift and a predefined list of keywords and taxonomies, DocuSign’s web team are looking to learn about the visitors on their site, assign them a “persona”, and deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences for users.


The Acquia Platform has allowed the DocuSign and FFW teams to streamline DocuSign’s website, and introduce development best practices to the workflow. This includes a continuous integration workflow utilizing FFW’s CI Box, and following best practices in Drupal development and coding standards.

  • Successful replatform of DocuSign.com, moving it onto a modernized, multilingual, and streamlined Drupal 7 instance running on Acquia Cloud
  • Implementation of fully responsive behavior, and new designs created by the DocuSign team
  • Integration of Acquia Lift, giving the DocuSign team the ability to deliver personalized content to visitors and customers. The site also features integration with Eloqua.

Using Lift, DocuSign’s web marketing team can customize and personalize 14 different content types within Drupal, including Landing Pages, Customer Testimonials, News Releases, Resources, Events, and more.

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