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86 %

increase in contact submissions

77 %

increase in click-to-calls

89 %

increase in product/solution engagement



Lead generation for the Trimble Transportation business unit was nonexistent.


No one person had a clear picture of every product Trimble Transportation sold, making it difficult to organize and present product offerings to customers.

Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform


In the four months post-launch compared to the previous period, the new site has achieved:

  • 86% increase in contact submissions
  • 77% increase in click-to-calls
  • 89% increase in product/solution engagement

The Client

Trimble transforms the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. From purpose-built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble software, hardware and services are transforming a broad range of industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation and logistics.

The Situation

Trimble is a massive company built on independent business units that have slowly merged into a single cohesive brand. But within each business unit, challenges exist. Specifically, for  Trimble Transportation, lead generation was nonexistent. The transportation business unit relied heavily on the Trimble brand and dealer relationships to sell products, but that wasn't cutting it anymore. Additionally, Trimble Transportation wanted to move from point solutions toward strategic selling — improving the entire logistic ecosystem for customers rather than just selling tracking hardware or logistics management software. Trimble helps businesses at every stage of the journey, from warehouse to delivery, and its website needed to tell that story.

The Challenge

As often happens in large enterprises, no one person at Trimble Transportation clearly understood everything they sold. Subdivisions and niche product groups offered a plethora of nuanced, branded products that other groups were oblivious to, with no one having a complete picture. To drive leads, the business needed to organize 150+ products in an intelligible, digestible way. 

Navigating this extensive product inventory created a related challenge. Typical B2B buyers spend little time looking for solutions, so it was imperative that Trimble got users to their intended destination quickly and in a way that could be validated with data. 

Content also presented a challenge. Trimble needed its platform to integrate with Uberflip, which served as an external content library. The platform also needed to handle freeform landing pages of non-resource content that had yet to be produced. The challenge was finding a platform that would support hands-on content management at an enterprise scale.

The Solution

Working with digital partner Elevated Third, the teams' first step was to understand what Trimble Transportation sold in total. Elevated Third led a series of deep dives with key stakeholders who identified even more specific stakeholders who needed to be tapped to gather the whole story. With the goal of presenting solutions simply, the teams quickly determined that with a vast product portfolio, an e-commerce style approach would only make the problem worse. Instead, they decided to focus on business outcomes.

Working together, the teams identified universal business problems that spanned persona types, which served as the foundation for half of the site’s navigation. The other part of the navigation featured new solution tiers that used plain language to describe Trimble Transportation’s capabilities. The teams tested navigation prototypes against competitors for task efficiency and language, further streamlining for effectiveness. 

The UX process culminated in a compelling design system that leveraged a “one-page conversion” approach to keep solution pages contained and effective. Media components allow admins to combine micro UIs, imagery, stats and other assets in dynamic combinations. All of Trimble Transportation’s components are managed as one library of blocks, easily manipulated using Layout Builder. 

Once they completed initial development, Elevated Third’s UX coordinators orchestrated the content process between SMEs, copywriters, editors and designers to produce content and build out site pages. Additionally, they executed a final “pre-launch” usability test to gather feedback on the finished product, allowing coordinators to fine-tune content before launching.

Because the project was hosted on Acquia Cloud Platform, the team enjoyed the advantage of streamlined deployment tools and environments predictably tuned for Drupal performance. Trimble Transportation experiences significant traffic, so caching and performance tools were essential — the best UX in the world is worth little when the site is slow. Leveraging Acquia’s monitoring tools helped them stay on top of performance issues during and after deployment.

The Results

As anyone who has been through an enterprise launch knows, just getting to the finish line — with content complete and loaded into the site — is an achievement. But the new site has gone above and beyond expectations, leading to significant lead generation improvements post-launch. In the four months post-launch compared to the previous period, the new site has achieved:

  • 86% increase in contact submissions
  • 77% increase in click-to-calls
  • 89% increase in product/solution engagement

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