Case Study

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame wanted to overhaul into an immersive, engaging experience that was as stunning as its physical presence.



Seamlessly connecting the online and in-person experience presented a number of challenges.


Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform


Results takes the history and unique legacy of rock and roll music into a future-proof digital world.

The Client

Located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has a clear mission: to engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock and roll. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tells the intangible stories of stardom, from the most distinguished rock legends through generations of tangible memorabilia –– from Aretha Franklin’s Valentino dress to Michael Jackson’s glove.

The Situation

Decades after breaking ground in Cleveland as the world’s premier destination for rock and roll memorabilia, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame set out to curate a digital destination to serve as a worthy home for its iconic inductees and an inviting online gateway to the museum. needed to be overhauled into an immersive, engaging experience as stunning as the Hall of Fame’s physical presence, inviting visitors to an exclusive look inside their legendary collection. 

The Challenge

A brilliant case for total brand virtualization, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame knew that it needed to meet digital-first audiences where they are and seamlessly connect the online and in-person Rock Hall experience. One of the greatest challenges was determining a digital approach to effectively tell the stories of more than 300 inductees. 

The Solution

In partnership with MediaMonks, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame focused its website redesign on balancing the museum's history with its present-day energy and excitement. Through enhanced inductee biographies, exhibits and events pages, the team tapped into archival resources to spotlight history while giving fans a window into the full experience at the museum in Cleveland. Additionally, MediaMonks and the Rock Hall were tasked with organizing and archiving hundreds of artifacts –– in an engaging and memorable way. This feat required a unique approach to the UX and web design process. The team optimized to allow visitors to take customized tours through curated exhibits, and a user-friendly CMS allows the Rock Hall team to make real-time updates. 

To deliver on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s mission to engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock and roll, MediaMonks built a unique online destination by rethinking the entire consumer journey from the ground up. With user profiles ranging from die-hard rock and roll enthusiasts to first-time museum visitors, the team created digital experiences as immersive as the unparalleled in-person experience. By releasing the website with a unique set of online offerings, including never-before-seen photography and free online learning, visitors were invited to immerse themselves in the history and culture of rock and roll. Whether visiting the site to discover rock and roll for the first time or following up for more after witnessing the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in real life, truly delivers on its mission.

The Results takes the history and unique legacy of rock and roll music into a future-proofed digital world. Opening its digital doors for fans worldwide, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s digital transformation journey served as a sign of the times –– one that became imperative as the COVID-19 pandemic forced museums to shutter their doors. Through it all, remained open, bringing music to even more fans. 

The development team gained considerable improvement in platform stability and improved response times and was able to seamlessly implement features, personalization and code rollouts, ensuring a refreshed, culturally relevant experience for site visitors.

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