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Hologic: Well-Woman Campaign

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260 K

visits to and

80 %

increase in search terms including "Hologic"



The company needed to create a website to support its ad campaign that would be launched at the Big Game.


With a six-week timeframe and immovable deadline, getting the site up and running could be tricky.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Site Studio


Hologic’s most successful and impactful campaign of all time increased traffic across the entire Hologic corporate site and drove significant increase in search traffic.  

  • Search terms including “Hologic” increased 80% following the ad’s debut
  • 260,000 visits to and in one month 
  • Over a million impressions across all social content 
  • 6 weeks from project start to completion

The Client

Hologic is a global medical technology innovator focused on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection and treatment. Its advancements include invention of the world’s first commercial 3D mammography system to fight breast cancer; leadership in testing for cervical cancer, sexually transmitted infections, respiratory illnesses, and the virus that causes COVID-19; and minimally invasive surgical technologies for uterine fibroids and abnormal uterine bleeding.

The Situation

Hologic had the opportunity to advertise at the Big Game to promote its “Well-Woman” campaign, which raises awareness of women’s need for their annual well-woman exams. To maximize the value of the spot, it needed to produce a scalable campaign site that would serve as the campaign’s hub, handling large traffic loads and supporting unique functionality. The company wanted to leverage the campaign to increase reach, impressions, CRM locators/appointment finders, enrollment, attitudes and usage, as well as time spent on its page. 

The Challenge

Hologic needed a new site ready in time for its ad at the Big Game. But with millions of people watching, the site platform needed to be stable enough to handle unprecedented amounts of traffic. And an expedited timeline — just six weeks — meant the company had to work quickly to make it happen. 

The Solution

Hologic had an existing relationship with digital experience partner FFW, and turned to the FFW team to help get its new project off the ground. Together, the teams coordinated approvals across multiple stakeholders, implementing the site gracefully, and maintaining a steady line of communication. Hologic’s new site allowed the company to map new content to pre-existing functionality, demonstrate world-class branding, and adhere to numerous legal and regulatory standards.

Drupal and Acquia Site Studio allowed FFW to efficiently create a campaign site with unique functionality that could handle large traffic surges and simplify user control. Because of the unmovable deadline set, FFW had a slim six weeks to launch a minimal viable product (MVP) site. It quickly became a question of what the team could actually accomplish in the short amount of time available. 

By using Acquia Site Studio’s low-code solutions, FFW was able to fast-track this build to a week, leaving the remaining time for Hologic to focus on creative aspects of the site that would benefit their users the most. The beauty of leveraging Site Studio was the functionality the team was able to build within a short time frame, leaving ample time for Hologic to insert the most effective information to educate women and their loved ones about the crucial importance of annual well-woman exams.

The Results

The project was completed in six weeks, start to finish. Hologic’s most successful and impactful campaign of all time increased traffic across the entire Hologic corporate site, with a significant increase in search traffic. Search terms including “Hologic” increased 80% following the ad’s debut on February 13. In just one month, there were 260,000 visits to and The brand garnered over a million impressions and high engagement across all social content.

To date, Hologic has seen:

  • 141,000+ site visits
  • 1,800 quizzes completed
  • 990 schedule reminders set
  • Recognition from Forbes as “a brand that’s doing it right” 

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