Case Study

Ashley Stewart

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344 %

increase in omnichannel shoppers

30 %

of emails eliminated

< 1 %

email opt-out rate



Wanting to increase customer lifetime value and improve response rates while delivering hyper-relevant campaigns, the plus-size clothing retailer needed a holistic, omnichannel understanding of its customers.


A lack of visibility into in-store sales prevented Ashley Stewart from driving truly relevant experiences.

Our Solution

Acquia Customer Data Platform


With an improved understanding of customer activity and behavior, Ashley Stewart:

  • Increased its percentage of cross-channel shoppers from 9-10% to approximately 40%
  • Realized a 344% increase in omnichannel shoppers 
  • Increased email engagement while eliminating 30% of all emails and maintaining a .008% opt-out rate

The Client

Ashley Stewart is a 29-year-old retail brand that caters to plus-sized women with career apparel, sportswear, denim, lingerie and accessories. Based in Secaucus, New Jersey, Ashley Stewart boasts 89 stores across 22 states.

The Situation

Ashley Stewart’s marketing team had three main goals: First, to increase customer lifetime value by transforming single-channel shoppers into multichannel shoppers. Next, they needed a way to use omnichannel insights to improve their response rates from abandoned browse and abandoned cart campaigns. And finally, they wanted to deliver hyper-relevant experiences for each customer while simultaneously increasing margins and revenue. To reach these goals, they recognized that they needed a technology partner that could provide them with a single, holistic customer view.

The Challenge

Ashley Stewart’s marketing team realized that single-channel shoppers have lower lifetime value, but with only 9-10% of their shoppers purchasing items in more than one channel, it wasn’t clear how to advance shoppers to engage across channels. And a lack of visibility into in-store purchasing meant that customers may receive abandonment emails even though they’d purchased in the store. Additionally, segmentation data to drive engagement programs was limited to digital-only data even though 90% of Ashley Stewart customers engaged with the brand in stores. It was clear that Ashely Stewart didn’t have a sufficiently comprehensive view of its customers to drive truly relevant experiences.

The Solution

Working with Acquia, Ashley Stewart was able to unify customer-level offline transaction data into the Acquia CDP, tying together offline purchases with online browsing activity. Additionally, Ashley Stewart’s marketers could better understand the relationship between online and store behaviors, and more accurately attribute credit to digital campaigns. Acquia CDP's single customer view empowered the segmentation and personalization for all digital audiences, including Facebook advertising, Criteo retargeting, direct mail printing and website engagement.

Laptop with Ashley Stewart website

For example, Ashley Stewart runs a “Shoesday Tuesday” program that targets people who have previously purchased shoes, both in stores and online. Using Acquia CDP’s category-based segmentation, the marketing team was able to create highly relevant campaigns, allowing them to target these shoe shoppers with ease. This is because Acquia CDP is able to intelligently identify all “shoe shopping” customers who would be likely to respond to the campaign. Acquia CDP also was able to segment based on customers who have the Ashley Stewart credit card — who are by definition VIP customers — so Ashley Stewart could deliver targeted special promotions to these VIPs, such as getting a lookbook a day early. Receiving these promotions has become a perk of the credit card and has driven more credit card adoption.

Additionally, by tracking customer activity in multiple channels, Ashley Stewart has been able to provide customers with easy, accurate access to “Diva Dollars” that are earned through previous purchases, making those reward “dollars” available to customers via a personalized webpage, text or email and boosting redemption. With Acquia CDP, Diva Dollars are more accurately tallied for each customer and it is easier for customers to claim their rewards, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

The Results

With an improved understanding of customer activity and behavior, Ashley Stewart has met its goals. The retailer has significantly increased its percentage of cross-channel shoppers from 9-10% to approximately 40%. The company has also seen a 344% increase in omnichannel shoppers. And because campaigns are hyper-personalized, Ashley Stewart has been able to increase email engagement, while eliminating 30% of all emails and maintaining an enviable .008% opt-out rate.

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