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With award-winning scanning and CAD/CAM dentistry solutions for customers around the world, 3Shape saw rapid growth across product lines, customer segments, and continents.


The 3Shape marketing team struggled to keep pace with the growth. They lacked tools to control content distribution to resellers, distributors, service partners, and other customers across 100 countries.

Our Solution

Acquia DAM (Widen), including the Assets, Insights, and Portals applications, and integrations.


With Acquia DAM, 3Shape has streamlined workflows and improved customer service across their digital channels.

The Client

3Shape develops 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental and audio industries. Their technology aims to change the way health professionals diagnose and care for people.

Four images of 3Shape scanners and software

The Situation

With over a third of their 1,700 employees dedicated to developing new technology that continually enhances their products, transformation is core to 3Shape’s culture. And as this innovation fueled rapid growth across product lines, customer segments, and continents, the 3Shape marketing department struggled to keep pace. 

The Challenge

Resellers, distributors, service partners, and other customers in over 100 countries relied on the product information and training materials produced by the 3Shape marketing team. Continual product launches and updates made it challenging to provide all of these stakeholders with the content they needed.

Vladimir Chen, a former senior digital product manager at 3Shape, shared, “We used too many channels to share digital assets. And this would mean, unfortunately, redundant work, poor customer service, and generally longer time to market.” They needed a centralized tool to control the global distribution of their content. “We wanted a single source of truth for our partners, but also for internal users,” he said.

The Solution

3Shape began searching for a digital asset management (DAM) solution to serve as a central location for asset storage and distribution, and in 2017, they implemented Acquia DAM.

Tackling one challenge at a time

Confusion around where files were stored, how they were organized, and which versions were current made the prospect of migrating everything to a new DAM system very overwhelming. Vladimir said his team rose to the challenge by taking on one task at a time, knowing their system would continually evolve. “It’s very important to start small. Start with what you have,” he shared. In developing a metadata taxonomy, Vladimir said they began by simply asking, “What do we know?” He also appreciated the templates Acquia provided to guide them through the implementation process. “The [Acquia] team held us by our hands, to ensure a smooth, step-by-step onboarding process.”

Integration with other platforms

Integrations between Acquia DAM and other software in their marketing technology (martech) stack allows 3Shape to share assets across platforms, seamlessly. When files are added or updated in the DAM system, they automatically sync across other software and channels, including their Partner Portal — which is connected via the Acquia DAM API. This ensures that customers have access to current content, and eliminates significant workflow redundancies and inefficiencies. 

The Results


Integrating Acquia DAM with other software gives 3Shape the ability to scale the system to meet expanding content and workflow demands. “We basically decided from early on to integrate [Acquia DAM] with our integration players to use or share assets through those channels — which will allow us to really scale.” Vladimir shared. And he’s interested in continuing to add integrations, including the Adobe Suite integration, and metadata automation. New opportunities like this will help ensure that Acquia DAM is positioned to support their current and future operational goals. 

Enhanced customer service

With each new product launch there are a variety of materials to distribute to 3Shape stakeholders — everything from marketing and training materials to product documentation and demo cases. Acquia DAM has become the single, centralized repository for all of this content. Not only do their customers know where to find it, they can do so in minutes and are confident that it’s up-to-date and on-brand. A survey to 3Shape DAM users that download files revealed that a whopping 90% of respondents found what they were looking for. This translates to operational efficiency and happy customers

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