Structured Content, Metadata, and Taxonomy

Fuel your customer experiences with a world class taxonomy framework that enables content categorization and classification to support search, discovery, and content delivery.

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Drupal Structured Content

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Custom Hierarchical Taxonomies
Structured Content and Personalization
World Class Taxonomy Framework

Make the most out of your content with categorization and classification via structured and free-form tagging.

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Craft your Content Model

Powerful UI tools let you create the data model you need, and adapt it easily over time.

Custom Hierarchical Taxonomies
Custom hierarchical taxonomies

Make it easy to classify and organize all content by leveraging custom hierarchical taxonomies in Drupal.

Structured Content and Personalization
Structured Content and Personalization

Leverage your structured content to deliver relevant content experiences through Acquia Personalization.

Support Search & Discovery

Faceted search pages can be generated automatically for content editors and end users, and content can be federated from multiple content repositories (i.e. other CMSes), organized in a central location, and searched from an ACMS site or application.

Support Search & Discovery
Metadata That Does More

Metadata that does more

Use your Metadata to your advantage with the power to configure it to meet your needs, effectively execute your SEO strategy, and boost your search rankings.

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The most powerful Open Source CMS just got stronger. With best-in-class flexibility, speed and scale, Drupal 9 takes the platform to the next level.

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With evolving modalities, tech and interaction patterns like voice commands, it's a huge opportunity to include those elements in your experience. Acquia lets you quickly deploy content that connects wherever and however your customers engage.

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