Episode 1: Personalization Begins with Content

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The best personalization initiatives begin by understanding your existing content and how you will generate new content. That means starting with a carefully planned and executed content audit. More than just an inventory, an effective content audit should be conceived as part of a Discovery process that will map both your assets and the workflows that generate that content.

Content in context - personalization

Join us for the first episode of our 5-part series for an in depth discussion around topics including:

  • How to tap your technical subject matter experts to help fuel your content generation
  • Engage project managers and product owners to help articulate the business drivers behind your technology efforts
  • Processes and systems your organization will need to consistently generate value added content that can scale across your target personas

This installment will serve as an introduction to Personalization strategies and will help you build a strong foundation that aligns your personalization initiative with your organization’s strengths and priorities.

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