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Acquia and Lionbridge Partner to Offer First Low-Code DXP with Translation Capability

October 15, 2020 2 minute read
Acquia and language services provider, Lionbridge partner to deliver a low-code digital experience platform (DXP) with translation capabilities.
multilingual dxp

As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping and businesses embrace digital channels to stay competitive, it’s more important now than ever for companies to deliver relevant content that will resonate with all buyers in all markets. The ability to successfully scale personalization across cultures will help companies maintain brand experience, stay relevant and ultimately drive sales. Now, a solution exists that will enable companies to embrace digital transformation and achieve their global content initiatives.

Today, digital experience company Acquia and premiere language services provider Lionbridge are partnering to empower organizations to deliver content to the right audience, on the right channel, in the right language — all through an easy-to-use platform. To do this, we’ve integrated the translation, transcreation, adaptation and experience testing of Lionbridge’s Language Platform with Acquia’s Drupal Cloud.

The integration provides an automated workflow to exchange translations between Lionbridge and Acquia Site Studio, the low-code solution enabling developers, designers and marketers to build Drupal sites. This is a critical step in helping companies easily create compelling content and relevant experiences in any language,on any device, for the optimal market. 

Customers will be able to: 

  • Reduce translation turnaround times by 60%  
  • Eliminate error prone manual copy/paste work through a full integration with Acquia’s Drupal Cloud  
  • Maintain brand consistency across markets by leveraging Lionbridge’s AI-driven language platform that matches  content with domain specific professional translators armed with cutting edge linguistic tools   
  • Access full insight into project timelines, cost and more with the Lionbridge Customer Portal 
  • Access 350+ languages with industry specification and customization 

Acquia’s mission is to power the world's greatest digital experiences. Our partnership and integration with Lionbridge’s leading Language Platform will serve to further accelerate our customer’s ability to deliver relevant and innovative experiences to global audiences.  

To learn more about the integration between Acquia’s Drupal Cloud and Lionbridge’s Language Platform, watch our webinar: Driving Global Market Expansion Growth with Scalable Multilingual Digital Experiences
Or check out the Lionbridge and Site Studio integration at the Drupal Cloud Innovation Station at Acquia Engage. Register here.

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