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Secure. Scalable. Supported. The Leader in Enterprise Drupal Hosting.

Acquia provides a powerful cloud-native web hosting platform to build and manage Drupal-based digital experiences, freeing you to innovate on every channel, engage customers, and grow your brand.

Highlighted Features

Built for Drupal

Acquia Cloud is deliberately built and continually improved to support Drupal 8 sites and applications. Our multi-layered approach to security at scale exemplifies our dedication to the specific needs of Drupal developers and site builders. 


Build, test, and optimize powerful applications with our suite of developer tools. We provide APIs, command line tools, and integrations to help you streamline every stage of your development workflow.


Acquia Cloud enables customers to build and manage hundreds of ambitious digital experiences all on one platform, boosting productivity and reducing costs.


Acquia’s world-class cloud and Drupal application support is available 24x7 in all time zones, and in seven languages. We provide experienced technical account managers, Acquia customer success teams, remote administration, and best practices customized to your needs.


Customers expect their data to be secure when they visit your site. For customers on the Acquia Platform, we offer additional layers of security on top of our built-in protection. The Acquia Cloud Edge family of products includes Acquia Cloud Edge Protect and Acquia Cloud Edge CDN. We also offer Acquia Cloud Shield, an isolated section of Acquia Cloud. 


Acquia’s Cloud-native platform is independently audited to validate compliance with global and industry security standards, including: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FedRamp, Privacy Shield, GDPR, SOC and ISO 27001.

Acquia vs. Competitors

Cost of entry to support smaller projects that scale
Available modules
Non-proprietary expertise value in community
Pre-existing integrations
Flexible integrations for your martech stack
Available skilled developer resources
Pre-built starter kit
Developer experience
Platform built holistically and designed for interoperability

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