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3377 Kempt Road
Halifax B3K4X5

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3377 Kempt Road
Halifax B3K4X5

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T4G was founded on a belief that it was possible to build an organization and culture capable of delivering complex solutions while being innovative, creative, customer driven and fiscally responsible. Everything we do, for our people, customers and society as a whole stems from our values. These are the fundamentals upon which we are built.

With a proven track record of accomplishments, our enthusiastic people provide leadership and expertise to our customers throughout North America. Our customers are in many sectors, including: Retail, Travel and Hospitality, Energy, Financial Services, Professional Services, Health and Life Sciences, Government and Communications.

T4G is built on a solid foundation employing great people who are creative, dedicated and passionate about what they do.

Over the next five years we will be investing in the things that matter to us. These topics include:

Organization - What will the organization of the future look like?
Sustainability - How can we do more with less?
Technology - How quickly can the rules of the game change?
Innovation - Can we do it better, faster and with more impact?
Social Responsibility - How can we accomplish more good?

Working on these issues with our partners and customers fuels our culture, growth, innovation and passion for what we do.