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Acquia Offers Long-Term Support for PHP 7.4

Only Drupal company to provide support to keep customers’ applications secure after PHP 7.4 end-of-life

BOSTON, October 20, 2022 – Digital experience company Acquia today announced it will offer long-term support for PHP 7.4, making it the only Drupal company to support the software after its end-of-life in November 2022. Acquia will continue providing a supported PHP 7.4 runtime environment, as well as security coverage beyond what is available at the PHP community level. Long-term support will enable PHP 7.4 users to continue using the software until they can upgrade to PHP 8.

“The end-of-life of a critical open source software dependency for Drupal like PHP 7.4 can be a stressful event for many companies,” said Jim Shaw, SVP and GM, Acquia Drupal Cloud. “Long-term support provides customers with more runway to upgrade to a supported version of Drupal and PHP 8, and ensures that applications will be able to remain online securely.”

Long-term support for PHP 7.4 is available for Drupal Cloud Platform Enterprise, Acquia Cloud Platform Professional, and Acquia Site Factory. In addition to providing a supported PHP 7.4 runtime environment, customers will receive security coverage according to Acquia’s security patch management policy. 

PHP 7.4 end-of-life support is available for free to Acquia customers through October 2023. Learn more about PHP 7.4 end-of-life options to get started with long-term support.

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