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Acquia Launches Acquia Exchange, Providing an Integration Hub for Open Digital Experience Platform

One-stop source for industry-leading martech and developer tools that extend the power of Acquia’s open and composable DXP 

BOSTON, September 26, 2023 Acquia, the digital experience leader, today announced the launch of an integration hub, Acquia Exchange, that enhances the flexibility and extensibility of its digital experience platform. Acquia Exchange offers customers a single destination to discover integrations, connectors, and modules that enhance Acquia solutions and connect them to those of other technology providers. This intuitive hub makes it easier for organizations to extend the power of their digital experience platform (DXP) using proven technology from Acquia’s ecosystem of SaaS partners.

“Acquia’s DXP provides a platform that can easily integrate with products from other providers, so customers can create the solutions that best meet their needs,” said Deanna Ballew, Senior Vice President of DXP Products at Acquia. “With Acquia Exchange, customers can take their Acquia products further, expand on the foundations of their martech stack, and connect those tools within their preferred digital ecosystem. Because Acquia solutions are open and connections already exist with leading martech products, our customers can maximize use of their data and content across their own digital experience platforms.” 

As an open and composable DXP, Acquia allows for integrations with a wide range of third-party marketing, sales, and digital technologies. This enables customers to build the most productive digital experiences that meet the precise requirements of their own audiences. Now, with Acquia Exchange, customers can explore integrations by company name, technology category, or Acquia product.

Acquia Exchange helps customers discover three different types of integrations: 

  • Native – Developed and supported by Acquia. For example, customers may tap into a native integration to connect multiple affiliated Brightcove accounts with the Acquia digital asset management platform (Acquia DAM) to better manage video content. 
  • Partner – Developed and supported by an Acquia technology partner or a solution partner. For instance, customers who want to use Yext with Acquia Open DXP can sync core entity types such as articles, places, events, people, and pages from Drupal into Yext using connectors. 
  • Community – Developed and supported by a third-party vendor. For example, customers can deploy analytics from a web-based user interface to collect data about their Drupal website’s traffic and activity, and then send it to the Google Analytics platform. 


Acquia Exchange is an enhancement to the Acquia Technology Alliance Partner program allowing an easier way for partners to promote their solutions and connect with customers. 

“As a technology vendor, I hear ‘partnering’ everywhere these days; the word has become so overused it almost has no meaning,” said Eric Fulmer, CEO of ShotFlow and Acquia Technology Alliance Program partner. “The difference when partnering with Acquia is a true commitment to solve client problems. Partnering is a long-term strategy to create better solutions for our mutual clients, and it’s baked into the Acquia culture.” 


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