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Acquia Announces Acquia Lift Solutions Partner Program Early Adopters

Bounteous, Cohaesus, Elevated Third, and Unleashed Technologies are among first program participants

BOSTON — December 17, 2019 —  Digital marketing agencies Bounteous, Cohaesus, Elevated Third, and Unleashed Technologies are among the first participants in the Acquia Lift Solutions Partner Program, Acquia announced today. The program gives partners the Acquia Lift training and experience they need to build new service lines and make their customers successful. Earlier this year Acquia announced the availability of the all-new Acquia Lift, now available as a no-code application.   

Research from Acquia shows that more than three-quarters (80%) of consumers expect and reward personalization, yet 90% of consumers say that brands are missing the mark. Marketers agree, with 94% of marketers indicating that brands aren’t meeting experience expectations. 

The Acquia Lift Solutions Partner Program addresses this disconnect—as well as the need within the market and in partners’ own customer bases—by providing participants with valuable real-world experience using their own company websites as a Acquia Lift testing and training ground. As a result of their Program participation, partners will be able to:

  • Run proofs-of-concept for customers and prospects by using the Acquia Lift Premium subscription that comes with the program
  • Differentiate from other digital agencies by earning the Acquia Lift Solutions Partner Program badge which includes certifications of their experts
  • Grow their service offerings to include content strategy, content production, and data analytics -- the areas of expertise that make for successful personalization campaigns
  • Make significant contributions to improving their customers’ success.

By experiencing Acquia Lift firsthand, Acquia’s partners can effectively put themselves in the customer’s seat, experiencing Acquia Lift onboarding and the entire Acquia Lift journey. In doing so, they can determine for themselves how Acquia Lift best serves their business interests, including the development of complementary business lines around its robust personalization capabilities.

“Consumers want to feel understood, and personalization solutions are key to delivering that experience,” said Harrison Liss, Director of Business Development at Elevated Third. “The Acquia Lift Solutions Partner Program helps us to address that critical demand while providing us with hands-on experience in creating better personalization experiences. Acquia Lift is a core part of the Acquia Open Experience Platform, and by supporting our work in defining, implementing and iterating on personalization campaigns, we’ll be better prepared to create engaging, converting campaigns for our customers.”

"For Acquia Lift partners, having access to hands-on training that helps grow their efficiency on Acquia Lift and reap the benefits of better personalization for their own businesses is a win-win-win situation, with our shared customers being the ultimate victors,” said Joe Wykes, Acquia senior vice president of worldwide partnerships and sales. ”We’re providing a powerful personalization platform that facilitates smart personalization, while our partners bring insightful expertise on helping businesses achieve their personalization goals.“

Bounteous, Elevated Third, Cohaesus and Unleashed Technologies are near program completion, but other partners are following quickly to becoming a certified Acquia Lift Partner. The Acquia Lift Partner Program is currently open and taking applications from interested partners; please email [email protected] for more information or to sign up for the Program. 

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