Design Resilient Digital Customer Experiences (CX) for Disruptive Times

How brands are pivoting their CX strategy for 2021 and beyond in the face of a radically reshaped global economy and accelerated pace of digital transformation due to COVID-19

8,000 consumer views, 800 marketers


To help you better understand the implications for your organization, we collected the views of 8,000 consumers and 800 marketers across Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


A disrupted customer experience goes digital

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74% of consumers say their digital experience with brands had changed since the start of the pandemic
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40% of consumers report buying more online, making it more important than ever to drive customer satisfaction through digital properties

Brand leaders are adapting to the new landscape

83% of marketing decision-makers say the move to a digital work environment impacted their team
62% of brands are prioritizing personalized customer communications
43% of marketers say they struggle to hire technical talent to support CX campaigns


COVID-19 radically reshaped the global economy and accelerated the pace of digital transformation. Brands and consumers had to adapt to a digital-first reality in weeks rather than years.

But Acquia is here to help. In fact, we've created a range of resources you can use to better understand how current CX efforts by brands are being perceived – and steps brand stewards might take to address the associated challenges.


While brands have faced challenges this year, the future is bright for leaders who focus on aligning technology, talent, and touchpoint strategies to deliver a frictionless, streamlined digital CX."


–Design Resilient Digital Customer Experiences in Disruptive Times (Global Edition)

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