Why Interscope Records Ditched the Digital Marketing Suite

Don’t let another vendor determine your roadmap and digital priorities. Your customers are unique, and your digital experience should be too. It’s time to adopt a digital marketing platform that lets you pick the products you need, to drive your individual business results.

Unlike marketing suites and marketing clouds from vendors like Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle, connected digital platforms like Drupal give you the flexibility and freedom to integrate digital marketing technologies that meet your unique needs. Digital marketing moves too fast for slow moving “suites and clouds” from legacy vendors. It’s time for a new approach!

In our upcoming webinar, learn how Interscope Records built an innovative digital marketing platform connecting Drupal with other marketing technologies. You’ll learn:

  • The case against legacy digital marketing suites
  • How Interscope Records built a next generation digital marketing platform on Drupal
  • Why integration is the key to faster innovation

Watch the recorded webinar