Vodafone and The Connected Customer Journey

Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecom providers, has rolled out in-store screens delivering product info, images, and offers to thousands of retail locations in dozens of countries, leveraging the Acquia Platform to do it.

Aneta Rutkowska, technology program manager for retail channels at Vodafone, told marketers at a Figaro Digital conference in the UK last year that in-store screens are no longer just one silo for content delivery, they’re part of a continuous, end to end customer journey that includes web and mobile, digital campaigns, and now, in-store screens and signage showing offers, product info, and images. “From a content management perspective, we created a single platform we are moving all of our content to it… This is our ultimate goal,” she said in her presentation.

Vodafone, working with Acquia, built a platform that will eventually serve Vodafone retail locations in a minimum of 26 countries and thousands of stores, she said. Content can be translated and localised for local markets; and in-store displays can present content based on which area in the store the displays are set up - promoting broadband services, or new handsets, or anything else, based on location in each store.

Is your digital experience platform capable of delivering a truly end to end experience? This is just one of the questions on the minds of digital marketers and others who care about multichannel experiences and the rise of digital screens in stores, venues, and other physical locations.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How content presented in a new context can shift your message, and help drive home a point in the right setting
  • How to deliver cross-platform, multi channel experiences
  • Ways to personalise for context based on time of day, or physical location within a store, rather than, say user profile
  • How to track engagement from multiple channels, and use that to drive strategic and tactical improvements

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