The Role Of Talent In The Digital Customer Journey

In 2020, businesses and transactions shifted online even faster than before. In 2021, this environment, closing talent gaps with technology is key in facilitating the dialogue with customers and supporting all the steps on the digital journey; research, purchase, delivery, usage and advocacy.

How can businesses take the leap of successfully adopting online as a channel and platform for dialogue and transaction and how can improving technical capabilities with the right platform be a revenue driving activity in this context.

In this webinar, Acquia will share inspiration and best practices on embracing automation and personalisation to address talent shortages as a strategy and adopting an open platform to power your customer data - driving a digital business model.

  • Working with digital/marketing agencies to develop the right strategies
  • Discuss with DX transformation experts on best practices, challenges and solutions
  • Hear about trends, best practices and advice on the role of talent in digital business models
  • Get advice on where to turn for support, how to quickly adopt best practices, and answers to your questions
  • Use of technology to help close the talent gap: ie. data scientists/analysts are tough to hire, use tech like CDP to help to analyse data from customers