Nice Ferrari, But Who Can Drive It?

Enterprises often invest millions in building out a platform to streamline the process for building, deploying and managing multiple digital properties. But the broader enterprise, including business users, doesn’t know what they have OR how to use it. In other words, they’ve bought the Ferrari but it’s sitting in the garage.

For this webinar, Acquia and their partner, Genuine along with their client, Baxter, will share strategies and lessons learned in helping brands leverage their digital platforms to support enablement and governance across tens, hundreds or thousands of sites.

We will explore approaches that maximize your technology investments to bolster technical and brand governance while empowering marketers to build the digital experiences they need to support their business objectives. We’ll also look at how Acquia’s low-code site builder, Cohesion, can provide another tool to give marketers freedom while ensuring a consistent brand experience.


Josh Hoekwater
Josh Hoekwater, SVP Strategic Partnerships, Genuine
Aaron Voyles
Aaron Voyles, Senior Manager/Digital Communications, Baxter
Ryan Picchini Director of Product Marketing at Acquia
Ryan Picchini, Director of Product Marketing at Acquia