Migrating to Drupal 8: adopting a “low code” approach

Building digital experiences that grow your brand and deliver business results is truly a team effort. Anyone who’s been involved in the process of deploying Drupal understands it takes IT leadership, developers, site builders, designers, content authors, and marketing leaders, all working towards a common goal. Most companies struggle to execute in a way that meets the demands of the business let alone leaves resources for innovation.

Apigee Cohesion Card Image

Acquia Cohesion is a new paradigm for building, updating and enhancing your portfolio of Drupal websites. We hope you’ll join us on April 30th  at 15:00 GMT ( 10:00 EST) to learn how Acquia Cohesion is empowering IT leaders, developers, site builders and designers when creating and updating Drupal sites. 


No matter your role, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to get the most out of your Drupal investment when you decide to utilize Cohesion. You will learn:

  • How adopting a “low code” approach to building Drupal sites expedites development timelines for the initial build and going enhancements
  • How Cohesion helps developers and IT leaders focus on high-value tasks versus day-to-day support of business users
  • The benefits of Cohesion for site builders who are now empowered with an intuitive, drag and drop experience
  • How designers can now enforce brand standards while creating unique pages with Cohesion
  • Why developers, site builders, designers working together delivers better results!


Ted Slesinski, Solutions Architect EPAM
Alan Botwright
Alan Botwright, Senior Solutions Engineer Acquia


Ryan Picchini
Ryan Picchini, Director of Product Marketing Acquia
Raphael EPAM
Rafael Nogueira, Solution Architect EPAM