Meet Cohesion: The enterprise-grade, low-code Drupal website builder

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Whether you’re a developer, site builder, designer, or marketer, there is one thing we can all agree on: building websites needs to be faster and easier. Acquia’s acquisition of Cohesion, the first enterprise-grade, low-code Drupal website builder, is a direct response to this need. 

Watch Acquia’s Cohesion webinar to learn how Cohesion helps you quickly create and modify Drupal sites, layouts, and templates using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.  

No matter your role, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to get the most out of your Drupal investment with Cohesion: 

  • Create and design Drupal websites with drag and drop templates and without the headache of coding PHP, CSS, and HTML. 
  • Replicate and customize sites in a low-code mode to reduce the total cost of ownership, whether you’re developing one or thousands of sites. 
  • Leverage Cohesion to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 faster and more effectively. 
  • Watch the on-demand webinar and see why site builders, designers and marketers alike are getting excited about Cohesion!


Jakub Suchy
Jakub Suchy, Senior Director of Solutions Architecture, Acquia
Jonathon Cartwright
Jonathon Cartwright, Product Manager, Acquia