Measure, Understand & Influence the Customer Journey

Too often we hear that organizations want to pursue personalization and cross-channel orchestration, but spin their wheels trying to get started.  With Drupal, Acquia and Google Analytics, you have strong platforms that allow you to segment users, identify key insights in new ways, and ultimately layer on Acquia’s Lift and Journey tools to personalize and target those segments.  Join Bounteous & Acquia as we take the guesswork out of decision making and introduce an analytics-driven approach to deliver content that improves engagement and your business results.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The problems marketers face to provide consistent cross-channel messaging that enables more effective digital marketing, and personalization at scale
  • How to leverage analytics and insights to drive customer journey orchestration solutions
  • New analytical modeling approaches, including user clustering for persona development and content attribution modeling that identifies investment in journey improvement 
  • Left & right brain journey design that combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to improve customer experiences
  • The solution architecture behind insight-driven journeys with Google, Drupal and the Acquia platform

Check out our recent blog post on journey management maturity for a sneak peak, and watch speakers from both Bounteous and Acquia. 

Alex Moore
Alex Moore, VP of Analytics & Insight, Bounteous
Jonathan Weber
Jonathan Weber, Director of Data Platforms, Analytics & Insight, Bounteous
David Aponovich
David Aponovich, Senior Product Marketing Director, Acquia

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