Marketing Freakonomics: When Marketing Objectives and Customer Expectations Don’t Match

A recent global study, commissioned by Acquia, uncovered a major discrepancy between marketers’ objectives and customers’ actual experiences.

  • Almost three-quarters of Australians will abandon a brand for another when the online experience is poor.
  • Four in five marketers in Australia say when they think of their total experience with a brand, the marketing is mostly ineffective.
  • Almost two-thirds of marketers say they are dealing with technology that is just too complex to create good customer experiences.

The annual Acquia CX Research Report, conducted by leading market research provider Regina Corso Consulting reveals that marketers are unable to create a cohesive customer experience due to disconnected marketing technologies (losing money on their marketing investments, in the process) and consumers are still dissatisfied with brand experiences, because they aren’t intuitive or personalised.

During this webinar, Regina Corso explores the delta between money spent on marketing technology and revenue lost to failed customer retention each year on a global scale, as well as the opportunities that exist for success.

About the presenter

Regina Corso

Regina Corso, president and founder of Regina Corso Consulting, is viewed as one of the nation’s premier public release experts with nearly 20 years of experience leading surveys and research projects for PR and communications programs.

She is the source of more than 2,500 public release surveys, quoted in hundreds of U.S. and international media outlets ranging from USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN, to Fox News, BBC, and Investors’ Business Daily, and more.

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