Making the Jump to a Digital-First Business Strategy: A Marketer’s Guide to Pivoting During COVID

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way brands engage with their customers. Consumers are no longer shopping in stores, traveling long distances, visiting restaurants, or leaving their homes much at all. Instead, they have increased their reliance on ecommerce, home delivery, subscription services, and brands they trust.

In response, many companies are shifting their focus (and budgets) from acquiring new customers to retaining and cultivating loyalty in existing customers. To compete in this new reality, marketers must escalate their plans to become “digital first,” and become proficient in meeting customer needs as channel preferences shift and reliance on digital experiences grow.

Join Acquia and guest speaker from Forrester as they share market insights and best practices for brands making the digital leap. Their research will cover:

  • How companies are shifting their priorities during COVID-19
  • What consumers expect from brands as their buying behaviors have changed
  • Why data gives marketers critical business insights on engagement strategy and channel migration
  • How to successfully navigate re-openings across the country (and globe)
  • How to boost agility so you can more nimbly adapt to future business changes


Joe Stanhope
Joe Stanhope, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Karen Wood
Karen Wood, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Acquia