Introducing Drupal 9: Everything Marketers Need To Know

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Customers are changing how they buy and digital is becoming the primary channel of engagement. This shift is amplified by the change in economic and social conditions. As a result, CMOs are being forced to re-evaluate their approach and technology stack. They are in search of technology solutions that grow their bottom line in weeks, not months.

To hit their KPIs, more CMOs are turning to open-source technology. It’s fast, flexible and delivers a better ROI than a traditional software model. Drupal, an enterprise content management platform, is at the forefront of the shift to open-source. The newest version, Drupal 9, is releasing on June 3rd, 2020!

Join Dries Buytaert, the Founder of Drupal, and Lynne Capozzi, Acquia’s CMO, alongside Acquia’s marketing leaders Eric Williamson, Ryan Picchini & Matt Wetmore as they discuss the release of Drupal 9 & why marketers are adopting the platform, followed by an audience Q&A moderated by Tim Lehnen, Drupal Association’s CTO.

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The panel discussion will include:
- An overview of Drupal 9 and the benefits for CMOs and digital marketing leaders
- What you can expect from Drupal 9 and the advantages of adopting Drupal
- Why companies like Tesla, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Pfizer have adopted Drupal as their platform of choice


Dries Buytaert Drupal Founder, Acquia Co-Founder & CTO
Dries Buytaert Drupal Founder Acquia Co-Founder & CTO
Tim Lehnen
Tim Lehnen, CTO, Drupal Association
Ryan Picchini Director of Product Marketing at Acquia
Ryan Picchini Director of Product Marketing at Acquia
Lynne Capozzi - BW
Lynne Capozzi , CMO, Acquia
Eric Williamson
Eric Williamson, VP, Digital Marketing, Acquia
Matt Wetmore
Matt Wetmore, Director, Web Operations, Acquia